Project: Type Studies
Media: Printed type with transfer pen on paper
Date: December 2020
One of the projects for my students involves experimenting with typography using song lyrics, and I felt inspired by their work to make compositions based around my top 10 albums of 2022.

After playing around with some Letraset this year, I was interested in creating some limitations for each composition to use only Helvetica Medium at different point scales of 10/20/40/80/120. I would arrange different parts of the song on a InDesign page and then print them out reversed. Using a blender marker I would transfer the type to another piece of paper and actually arrange the design in a more experimental/hands on way that led to unpredictable results. Some compositions also collage imagery into the process using the transfer marker—many of the photos sourced from my endless travel archive of unused photos. Once completed I would scan back into the computer.